Welcome to St Saviour's Nursery

We believe St Saviour’s Nursery in Walthamstow is very special, happy, nurturing and safe environment in which children thrive as they learn. Children feel welcomed, valued and listened to.

At St Saviours’s Nursery, we will work in partnership with every family to provide the highest quality childcare in a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment. We offer a collection of unique experiences using both the outdoors and indoors as a positive learning environment. We provide a stimulating atmosphere to encourage your child’s development as we are passionate about quality Early Years care and education.

Emotional security is fundamental in allowing a child to develop and grow. Here at St Saviour’s Nursery, our committed team of professionals will provide a happy, relaxed and safe environment, where you as a parent will be happy to leave your child and where they will want to spend their time. All children will feel comfortable in expressing themselves as our team will encourage self confidence and individual development. Praise, guidance and encouragement will be central to our daily practices.

Leann Valiquette, Principal

Beverley Hall Executive Head

And now the NEWS

Tuesday - 3rd October 2017 10am – 11am
Tuesday - 7th November...

Our nursery will close on 21st December for the Christmas holiday.  We...

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