Being Healthy

Our children will experience a variety of healthy balanced and nutritious foods. We believe the food served at our Nurseries give the children the energy they need for a busy day of learning through play. Our sister nursery is the first Nursery in Waltham Forest to receive the Mayor of London Healthy EY award. We replicate the same practices at our St Saviour’s site and hope to receive our accreditation any day.

The menus are carefully planned and freshly prepared by a company called Aspens Catering who also manage the school kitchen. The menus are well balanced with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables to ensure our children have the essential tools for a busy action packed day at nursery. We work in partnership with parents to ensure that if there any specific dietary requirement, these are appropriately met.

A day in the life of a Little Learner starts off with a balanced breakfast followed by an morning snack of fruit. Lunch time then follows around mid-day. The children then have tea which is usually is around 3.30pm. The food your child eats each day and the amount they have eaten is reported to you at pick up.

Meals are served family style. This gives the children an opportunity to help set the table and talk to their friends and adults about the food they are about to eat. This helps to develop social skills and discussions around making healthy choices. The children then help to clear away after themselves. We believe in encouraging independence.

Nursery Tea Time Menu 

Monday – Beans on toast or vegetable risotto. Fresh fruit

Tuesday – Jacket potato with cheese and or tuna. Fresh fruit

Wednesday – Pasta twists served with tomato sauce. Fresh fruit

Thursday – Cheese, crackers and sandwiches. Fresh fruit

Friday – Meatballs or veggie balls in tomato sauce with cous cous. Fresh Fruit


Keeping Safe

Keeping everybody safe is our number one priority. Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all children in our care, our visitors and our staff is paramount.

We ensure Little Learners Nursery Group maintains rigorous health and safety practices, and our staff ensure that they take responsibility for their own safety and those around them. Our nurseries conduct daily health and safety checks and undertake routine fire drills on a regular basis.

We are very proud to say that ALL nursery staff are:

  • First Aid trained
  • Food Hygiene trained
  • A level 2 or higher in Safeguarding


More information for parents…

  1. Please download the booklet below, ‘A Parent’s Guide from birth to five and beyond for Child Health and Common Illnesses’. It has lots of information that you might find useful. There is also a free app to download:


  1. You can find lots of information from the NHS here: