Tiger Timetable

Tiger Room Timetable

Children are typically put into groups based on age. This supports the children to have meaningful experiences with children their age and keep the number of children in one space all at once to a minimum. We have found that smaller groups ensure Tigers get the most of out the great activities.

8.00 Breakfast

9.00 Phonics. Tigers enjoy listening walks and singing.

9.30 To the Gym or Garden to play. We love Pilates, bikes and scooters and using the huge sandpit.

10.00 Snack time!

10.30 Focusing on children’s next steps of learning.

11.30 Lunch

12.15 Nap time.

2.00 Focus activities and free play in the room and garden.

3.30 Tea Time

4.00 Free flow and activities. Tigers enjoy trips to the story gardens, field and adventure playground regularly.

This is not set in stone. For example, if it is a particularly windy day we might to some windy day activities or rainy day activities and so on.  We often have visitors or special enrichment activities for the children which alter the timetable.